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Our Restaurant 

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Owner and head chef, Mesk G, established Harar Ethiopian Restaurant in 1998, with a focus on serving an authentic Ethiopian dining experience.  From the moment you step in the restaurant until the time you walk out, our staff makes sure you get an experience of a lifetime with cordial service and excellent food. And if you want to get the authentic experience delivered to your doorstep, we bring the Ethiopian experience to you through GIHON's catering services.

GIHON strives to serve all their patrons food with the most authentic flavors from Ethiopia. We use spices, meats, vegetables and other ingredients to imitate the exact flavors you would be able to enjoy if you were in the country. All of our dishes and beverages have an individuality in terms of flavor, with each reminiscent of different parts of the country.

Having the aim to provide our customers a taste of the entire country in one place, our menu includes dishes from different parts of Ethiopia. This is the reason why we aptly named our restaurant GIHON.

In the Book of Genesis, Gihon is named as the second river that branched from a single one flowing out of the Garden of Eden. The Bible describes Gihon as a river that encircles the entire land of Cush, which is associated with Ethiopia in Christian theology. This means that Gihon travels through the entire country, taking with it an essence of every region within Ethiopia.

Similar to the river, GIHON restaurant also serves a slice of flavors from different regions of the country, taking our patrons on a trip through the exotic lands of Ethiopia. Starting from the ritual breaking of injera bread and eating it with your friends and family from the same plate, you will be building close bonds of loyalty and friendship. Surrounded by an Ethiopian atmosphere you will experience not only the food but also the dining customs of the country including a coffee ceremony performed every day with Ethiopian coffee.

Serving a variety of different options of vegan, vegetarian and meat-based dishes, GIHON ensures that diners with dietary preferences and restrictions can enjoy the flavors of Ethiopia. Incorporating different styles of cooking, prolific use of traditional spices and ingredients, and hospitality, GIHON gives diners an opportunity to experience the true art of Ethiopian dining.

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