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Since its inception in 1998, GIHON Ethiopian Kitchen has always strived to provide locals and tourists an authentic Ethiopian dining experience. To make all of this possible in the most effective way, GIHON has set a vision, mission, and certain values. 


Each and every member of the GIHON family holds a shared mission of working diligently to create authentic Ethiopian food by maximizing local resources to foster strong customer relationships. By staying true to our Ethiopian roots in food and atmosphere, GIHON aims to become a name synonymous with excellent Ethiopian dining. With our hospitable services and family culture, we make our way to develop positive long-term relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers.


GIHON holds true to the vision that Mesk had when she first opened the doors of Ethiopian dining in San Diego as Harar Ethiopian Restaurant in 1998. What remains our core reason for existence since then is to serve our guests with authentic and excellent quality Ethiopian food crafted with fresh ingredients and traditional preparatory methods. Holding true to the values and essence of the art of Ethiopian dining and Ethiopian cuisine, GIHON aims to introduce as many people as they can to their home culture.


We aim to continue preparing food deep-seated in roots of the Ethiopian cuisine that also resonates with the local people. Fusing traditional ways with innovation and creative presentation, we strive to serve all our guests with high-quality food and warm-hearted Ethiopian hospitality.  


The main idea behind GIHON's inception was to bring San Diego a small piece of Ethiopia. We aim to hold to this belief and continue our persistent efforts to remain authentic to our traditional Ethiopian roots. From ambiance of the restaurant to the specially prepared food, GIHON will strive to provide an experience that takes our guests on a food journey to Ethiopia right from their seats by using spices, dining rituals, music and traditional coffee ceremonies to continue our Ethiopian traditions for years to come.

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From the Press



San Diego City Beat

“The overall experience at Gihon is comforting and exotic. Especially in the rear dining room; it's as if you wandered into someone's backyard halfway around the world, and the host treated you like an honored guest.”

Remy Haber, Thrillist

“North Park’s Gihon Ethiopian Cuisine is a mecca for injera and spicy stews. The weekly Friday night buffet is a hit among locals for its various meat and vegan choices. The outdoor back patio offers plenty of room to spread out as you indulge.”

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